My interest in art came at an early age.  My father was a minister so I would draw during his sermons.  It was my high school teachers that encouraged me to continue on to Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  I took a forty year break to work on my own business but then my interest in painting  returned.  I have shown my work at the Saint Paul Art Crawl,  North East Minneapolis Art Attack, Northrup King Bldg. Minneapolis,  Scott County Art Crawl, Chanhassen Public Library, Artist Consortium of Carver County and Nobles County Art Center.   During my long period of not doing art I would spend time at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Walker Art Center and many local galleries.  It was one of these galleries I came upon pastel landscapes by Douglas House.  I knew then I wanted to try pastels.  My new journey began, under the instruction of Doug who is still teaching at the Bloomington Center for the Arts.  Most of my subject matter is S. E. Minnesota, Northeast Iowa, and Southwest Wisconsin.  I made it a priority to travel only on county roads which made for new adventures and meeting the local folks.  


I will start out using a photo as a reference and then the process begins with not knowing what will happen.  Many times I have a fear about starting a new work but am reminded of Picasso who said (inspiration comes but you have to be working).  I love it when accidents occur or when the work just is not making it.  Sometimes after wiping off the surface with a paper towel destroying what was there.  Looking closely at what remains can bring out a whole new idea giving the painting a freer more mystical appearance.  More drawing takes place but there is like a new under painting that blends itself into the composition.   With the abstract paintings I usually start with acrylic.  These can sometimes takes much longer to complete because of trying to create harmony out of chaos which for me is the  way it starts out.  Sometimes I will use pastel over some of the surface and sometimes oil paint.